Back in June, our alumni on Facebook started a GoFundMe for the deposit to secure a date at Sportsmen’s Lodge.

A few of us jumped on board to help. Together we raised $770 for the deposit letting us go for the larger 100-person venue. A big thank you to the following GoFundMe contributors:

  • Steve Arce
  • Melvin Butel
  • Tricia Hernandez
  • Ashanti Johnson
  • Jennifer Mckinnis
  • Kristi Hansen Onkka
  • Julie Sklut Mitchell
  • A couple of anonymous donors

Seriously, this reunion would not be happening without you (and you will get your $ back after we sell some tickets). Next, Steve Arce, Melvin Butel and Kristi Hansen Onkka signed the contract with the Sportsmen’s Lodge  committing to October 26th 2019 for our 30th reunion. Kristi built this website, set up a business Paypal account, and here we are!

Reunion Committee Members


Kristi Hansen Onkka
Steve Arce
Melvin Butel


Julie and Josh Mitchell
Melvin Butel


Rebecca Lee (Hearne)
Kristi Hansen Onkka

We Need Your Help

A self-run reunion helps us keep costs low ($85 per ticket vs $165 through a company), but it also means more work.  

We need people to help find classmates or faculty and spread the word. We need people to help make a class video. We have a small budget for a DJ – anyone know a good one? Anyone own a print shop? We will need programs and name tags. We also need volunteers to help check people in on the night. Beyond that, we need creative minds to make our reunion super fun. Got any ideas?

If you can help with any of these things, please email us at

It's All Happening

Get your reunion tickets now. Payments are processed through PayPal.

Hey Class of 1989 Faculty!
All that pre-internet grading, coaching and guiding you did? It worked and here we are! For complimentary faculty tickets, please contact us at


EARLY BIRD – $75 Until July 31, 2019

SUMMER SPECIAL – $80 August 1 – 31, 2019

REGULAR – $85 September 1 – October 1, 2019

LAST CALL – $89 October 2-15, 2019 

Buy Tickets

33 tickets remaining.


Buy Tickets

33 tickets remaining.